Gold bathroom accessories

gold bathroom accessories

Mike + Ally’s range of gold bathroom accessories

For traditional as well as contemporary settings, the timeless quality of gold bathroom accessories can be relied upon to reflect opulence and comfort.

The precious metal has been used throughout recorded history as a standard for wealth and an adornment for beauty.

Mike + Ally can create custom gold bathroom accessories, designed to suit individual tastes and personalized or even monogrammed. These elegant pieces are hand crafted by artisans, embellished with jewels, Austrian crystals or semi-precious ornaments. Each item is a work of art.

Gold features highly in Mike + Ally's range of collections, with something to suit every taste and style. Choose from classic Gold or gold Shine enamel finishes, or the golden tones of Coral, Almond, Cream Pearl or Sahara. For extra gold notes, embellish with beautiful topaz or arum.

Mike + Ally's Eos Gold Leaf collection combines modern design aesthetics with old world craftsmanship. Gold leaf is individually hand applied, followed by a clear protective finish. Clean silhouettes emphasize the contemporary look - yet it is just as comfortable in the traditional bathroom setting.

The Nova collection displays gold metallic glass for smooth elegance. For gold leaf luxury see Mike + Ally's Audrey Leaf collection or Chantilly Leaf with added delicate glass flowers.

Bristol Leaf is designed to impress with an added rhinestone lattices, whereas in the Gatsby collection each piece is master crafted with pave crystals.

For the fashion forward, the gold studs of the Magnus never fail to impress, or the stylized geometric simplicity of the Carlyle collection can be considered. Gold is added in the form of antique lace trim in the Alexandra collection and as gold chain link tassels in the Beaumont.

Most collections are available with gold or silver trim. Select from polished or matte gold soap dispenser pump tops. Add a gold-rimmed magnifying mirror to complete each Mike + Ally gold bathroom accessories set.

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