The trend continues toward neutral, white and off white colors. Unlike other room interiors, bathroom decor generally calls for soothing, calming colors with accent pieces that blend in rather than stand out.

 Suggestion: Moonglow, Pure, Fine Silver, Sahara, Wintersky, SeaShell and Mocha. Other standouts are Black, Gold and Silver Leaf, Charcoal and Cocoa.

Neutrals withstanding, more adventurous interior designers are exploring a bold palette. Stand out accents for that 'wow' factor.

Suggestion: French Blue, Aqua, Carved Chestnut, Ashrose and Lilac Snow.

There has also been a strong movement towards non-swirl enamel colors. These represent a more contemporary and sleek design aesthetic geared to the highly stylized minimalist bathroom.

 Suggestion : :Pure, Glossy Charcoal, Black, Fairy Dust Pink, Plum, Taffy, Aruba and Blue Ice are all Mike + Ally 'flat' options.

Please note that due to slight variations in enamel batches, we can only be responsible for color matches per order. Enamel colors may vary and fade over time due to UV light and aging of pigments. Slight variations may exist between the color chart provided and the actual application process.


Enamel color chart